Columbus, OH ..... July 13 - 16

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      2Plant International Garden Writers Association Pan American Nursery Products
      Abbott-IPCO, Inc. Gardenworld Panacea Products
      ABZ Seeds Gavita PanAmerican Seed
      Acme Engineering Gediflora Panzer Nursery
      Acme Group General Hydroponics Park Seed
      Acorn Farms, Inc Generation 2 (Dual Grow) Flower Pouch PARsource
      Action Mold & Machining Georgetown Home & Garden Paskal Technologies
      Action Packaging Systems GeoSeed! (Twilley Seed) Paul Boers
      Adaptive Plastics GGS Structures Peace Tree Farm
      ADR Bulbs, Inc. GIE Media Pelemix Ltd
      Advanced Grower Solutions Ginegar Plastic Products Perennial Farm (The)
      Advancing Alternatives Global Horticultural, Inc. Perennial Plant Association
      Advantage Label & Packaging Global Link Partners Perrenially Yours
      AEI Speakers Bureau Gmex Imports Personal Garden Coach (The)
      AG 3, Inc. Godwin's Nurseries & Trees PEX lnc
      Agam Greenhouse (Resource Systems) Gold Hill Sales, Inc. Philips Lighting
      AgBio Golden State Bulb Growers Phyton Corp.
      Agdia Good Earth Horticulture (Hoffman) PhytoSynthetix
      AgriNomix, LLC Gotham Greens Phytotronics Inc
      Agri-Starts, Inc. Gowan USA Picas Software
      Agrium Advanced Technologies GPN (Lawn & Garden Retailer) PINDSTRUP MOSEBRUG A/S
      Agrivolution (Nihon Advanced Agri) Granite Industries Pinnacle Capital
      AgroGiant (B-wave technology) Grayhawk Greenhouse Supply Pischek Industries
      Ainong USA Corp. Great Lakes Label PittMoss
      Airlite Plastics (da Vinci) Green Automation Americas PL Light Systems
      Aldershot Greenhouses, Ltd. Green Fuse Botanicals Plant Development Svc (PDSI)
      Algix Green Markets Plant Marketing, L.L.C.
      All-America Selections (AAS) Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB) Plant Marvel Laboratories
      Al-Par Peat Company GreenElf Works Plant Products Inc
      AM Leonard, Inc. Greenex United States Plant Solutions
      AMA Plastics Ltd Greenheart Farms Plant Source Int'l
      America in Bloom Greenhouse Company of SC Plantaflor USA, Inc.
      America Plastic Tech Greenhouse Grower Magazine PlantANT
      American Coolair Greenhouse Technology (GTI) Planterra Conservatory
      American Horticultural Supply Greenscape Gardens Plantex (MPPI)
      American Nurseryman Greentec Innovations PlantHaven Int'l
      American Takii Green-Tek Plantpeddler Inc.
      AmericanHort Griffin Greenhouse Supplies Plants Nouveau
      AmeriLux International Grimes Horticulture, Inc. Plant-TecH2O
      Amiad Filters Gro' n Sell Plazit-Polygal
      AMS Retail Solutions Gro-Bark (Ontario) Ltd Pleasant Cove Nursery, Inc.
      Antal-Cayson Equipment Grodan Plug Connection (Mighty Mato)
      Anthura Bv, unlimited varieties GroLink Plant (Gediflora) Polygal
      AP&G Company Gro'n Sell Poly-Tex, Inc.
      Apera Instruments Groovy Plants Ranch Poplar Ridge Nursery
      Aqua Hort Growcentia Poppelmann Plastics USA
      Aquamat System Grower Select (BFG Supply) POPPYSTARTS
      AquaPulse Systems Growers Requisites Possum Run Greenhouse
      AquaSmart Growers Supply Pottery Express/Bamboo Farm
      Aquatrols Growfilm Pottery Paradise
      Arborjet GROWinBAG Practical Software Solutions
      Arc Ferns, LLC Growing Colors (Gardenworld) Prairie Wind Garden Fixtures
      Arcadia Garden Products Growing Systems, Inc. Premier Pottery
      Architectural Supplements GrowIt! Mobile Premier Tech Horticulture
      Argos Software GrowTech Solutions, LLC Pride Garden Products
      Argus Control Systems GrowTech, Inc. Primera Technology
      Aris Horticulture/Keepsake Plants Grow-Tech, LLC Prins USA
      Armor USA Growth Products LTD Priva North America
      A-ROO Co. GSI Horticulture PRO Landscape/Drafix Software
      Arysta Life Science America Gulley Greenhouse Pro MAX Grow (Eco-Lite)
      ASB Greenworld Gyeongsangbukdo Pro Packaging
      Asia Technology H & H Farm Machine ProGrow Supply
      Asthor Agricola SA HAIFA ProGrowTech
      AT Films Halleck Horticultural Pro-Mix
      Athena Brazil Hamilton Design/Pischek Industries Pronto Plant
      Atlas Manufacturing, Inc. Hanging Tree Nursery Protect the People (PTP)
      ATTKO Greenhouse Hangzhou Hanguang Illumination Proven Winners
      Austram, Inc. Hanna Instruments Pulp Moulded Products
      Autograph Christmas Hardystarts by Welby Gardens Purple Cow Organics
      Autogrow Systems Harnois Greenhouses Pursell Manufacturing Corp.
      A-V International Harrell's PVP Industries
      Avery Imports/Willow Group Harris Seeds Q COM Controls
      Bachmann Plantec Ag  Hart-T-Tree Farms Qingdao Sun-Voyage Int'l Trade
      Bailey Nurseries, Inc. Harvest Automation Qualitree
      Baker Vehicle Systems Harvest Energy Solutions Quietaire Corp.
      Ball ColorLink Haviland Plastic Products Raco Industries, LLC
      Ball FloraPlant (Ornamentals) Hawaiian Moon Railroad Nursery, Inc.
      Ball Horticultural Company Haygrove Tunnels Rain Bird
      Ball Ingenuity HC Companies (The) RainSoil
      Ball Publishing (GrowerTalks/Green Profit) HDS USA Ram Commercial
      Bamaplast di Mazzoncini Paola HE Anderson Injectors RAM GmbH 
      Bamboo Supply Company Heart of Florida Greenhouses Rapid Automated
      Bank of the West HeatStar (Enerco) RediRoot (NurserySource)
      Barone Gardens Heliospectra AB Reef Industries, Inc.
      Bartlett Bench & Wire Heritage Greenhouse Products Resolite
      Bartlett Instrument Herman Losely & Son, Inc. Riceland Foods
      BASF Turf & Ornamentals Hessaire Richel Group
      Basket Buddys Heveco Ridder Drive Systems
      Bates Sons & Daughters HGTV HOME Plant Collection Ridge Manor Nurseries
      Bauerle Precision High Caliper Growing Riello Burners
      Bay City Flower Co. Highland Supply Corp. Rijnbeek and Sons Perennials
      Bayer Advanced Hillcrest Nursery, Inc. Riverbend Nurseries
      Bayview Flowers Hill's Imports RKW-Klerks
      Beaver Plastics HilverdaKooij BV Robert Allen Home & Garden
      Becker Equipment HIP Labels Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch
      Beekenkamp Plants Hishtil Nurseries Root Pouch
      Beijing XinTianBi Agricultural Facilities HMA Plants RootMaker Products
      Belden Plastics, Inc. Hoffman Nursery Roseville Farms
      Beneficial Insectary Holt Nurseries Rough Brothers, Inc.
      Berger Home Nursery, Inc Royal Van Zanten
      Berry Seeder Company Hoogendoorn Nurseries, Inc. Royalty Admin Int'l
      Berwick Offray (Hampshire Paper) Horner Lighting Group Rutgers University
      Better Bilt Products Hort Americas RW Rogers Company
      BFG Plant Connection Hort Couture / Greenbrier S4 Lights
      BFG Supply Co. Hortica Insurance & Benefits Safer
      Biobest Horticultural Marketing/Printing SaferGro
      Bio-Comp Horticultural Solutions Sage Vertical Garden Systems
      Bioline Agrosciences (InVivo) Horticulture Direct Supply Sakata Seed
      Biological Products Alliance (BPIA) Horticulture Equip & Services Sally's Garden Throws
      Biopesticide Industry Alliance (BPIA) HortiMaX Samsan Inc
      Biosafe Systems Horti-Tek Sande Calla Supply BV
      Biostok, LLC Hortus USA Sangreen International AG
      BioTherm HOS USA SATO America, Inc.
      BioWorks, Inc. Hove lnt! (Logiqs Agro) Saunders Brothers
      Bip floral inc Hubbell Industrial Lighting Sawyer Nursery
      Bissell Big Green Hummert International SBI Software
      Black Diamond Eco Solutions Hydrodynamics International Schaefer Ventilation
      Blackmore/ Ellepot Hydro-Logic Schmidt Bros.
      Bloem Living HyR Brix Scotts
      Bluebird Nursery, Inc. ICL Specialty Fertilizers Scroll Trellis
      Bluefire Direct IG Agri Systems BV Seederman
      Bluelab iGROW Lighting Selecta
      BML Horticulture iHort (Int'l Hort Technologies) Selective Micro Technologies
      Bobbex Inc Ikeuchi USA Seminis
      Bom Greenhouses BV Illumitex Senmatic A/S
      Boman Shading (Changzhou) INDEGA Sensaphone
      Bonar INDEVCO  SePro Corporation
      Boojun Co Infinite Trading Sester Farms
      Border Concepts, Inc. Innovative Growers Equipment SGI (USA), LLC
      Botanical Designs Instock Companies Shake-Away
      Botanical Interests, Inc. Integrity Web Technology Shandong Glass Technology Industrial
      Botanical Trading Invitrosoft (IVS) Software Solutions oHG Shanghai Wintong Chemicals
      Bottomley Evergreen Iowa State - Dept of Hort Sheerlund Products
      Bouldin & Lawson, LLC IPM Laboratories Shinan Green Tech
      Bower & Branch Italpollina SHS Griffin
      Brandt J & M Industries, Inc. Siebring MFR
      Branette Farms J&D Manufacturing Signs of the Seasons
      Braun Horticulture, Inc. J. Berry Nursery Sikich
      Brett Martin Ltd JACKPOT Simonetti Adamo SRL
      Brickman Group (BrightView) JackRabbit Nursery Simpson Nurseries
      Brie Arthur Communications Jacto Inc. SimuLight (Light Efficient)
      Briggs Nursery Jade Systems Sion Young Plants
      Bright Farms Jain Irrigation SIT Rack
      Buglady Consulting (Quince Creek) James Greenhouses Site Gardener (The)
      Bumnong Co JAVO USA Inc. SiteOne Landscape Supply
      Burley Clay Products Jelitto Perennial Seeds Sivanthi Joe Substrates
      Burpee Seeds Jeong-IL Glochem Co SK USA -LiveTrends/Dymak USA
      Butler's Foliage, Inc. JH Biotech Skagit Gardens, Inc.
      Byoung-jue Agricultural Jiffy Small Business Growth (SBGA)
      C Raker & Sons John Kennedy Consulting Smith Garden Center, IL
      California LightWorks John Mini Distinctive Landscapes Smith Pumps
      Cam Too Camellia Nursery Johnson Fediw Associates Smith's Gardens
      Cangnan Hili Handicraft Company Jolly Farmer Products SNA Manufacturing
      Capital One Jones Loflin Society of American Florists
      CardConnect Joseph Hillenmeyer + Associates  Socius
      Carlwell (Wintong Chemical) JR Peters, Inc. Soft Intelligence, Inc.
      Carol Gift & Garden JRM Chemical, Inc. Soil & Plant Laboratory
      Cart-Mart JRT Nurseries, Inc. Solawrap Films
      Casa Flora J'T House Sonaray
      Center Greenhouse Juniper Farms Sonco Worldwide
      Central Florida Ferns K & M Nursery South Essex Fabricating (SEF)
      Central Life Sciences Kamarhatty Company Southern Patio (AMES)
      Ceramo Kamel Dawahry & Sons Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc
      Ceres Plants Kamps Greenhouses Southwest Airlines Cargo
      Certified Roses, Inc. KANEYA Co., Ltd. Southwest Perennials
      Chameleon (Plasma Grow Lighting) Kase Horticulture SPC Retail (Structural Plastics)
      Changsha Xinglian Electric Power Kelco Industries SpecGrade LED
      Changzhou Chuangyun Shading Kemin Industries Spectrum Brands
      Chem Fresh Midwest  Ken-Bar Spectrum Technologies
      Cherry Creek Systems Kessil Lighting Speed Cinch
      Chicago Botanic Garden Kieft Seed Speed North America
      Chicagoland Grows (Botanic Garden) Kientzler North America Speedling Inc
      Chief Mountain Farms KJS Products Spiio
      Chrysal USA Klasmann-Deilmann Americas Sporticulture (Fabrique)
      Chung Oh Engineering Klerks-Hyplast Spring Meadow Nursery
      Cityscapes Knox Nursery Spring Valley Greenhouse
      Clarity Connect Inc. KOBA Star® Roses (Conard-Pyle)
      Classic Ground Covers Koenpack, USA Starcom Computer Corp.
      Classic Home & Garden Koppert Biological Systems Stephen F Austin
      Cleveland Floral Lambert Peat Moss Stockosorb (Evonik)
      Cloudfarm (Seedsheet) Landmark Plastic Stover Manufacturing
      Coast of Maine Organic Lauren Hailey Technologies Strong Marketing
      CobraHead Le Primitif Galleries Studebaker Nurseries
      Coe & Dru LEDBloom Studio Choo
      Co-Ex Corporation Lee Energy Solutions Stuifbergen Bulb/Holland Beauty
      Cohen Hishtil Jaldety Nurseries LEI Products dba Simple Organic Gardener Stuppy Greenhouse
      Cohen Propagation Nurseries Lemnis Oreon B.V. Sudlac
      CoirPlus Leo Berbee Bulb Suite Plants
      Colorado State Univ - Extension Light Efficient Design Summit Plastic Co.
      ColorPoint Liner Source, Inc. Sun Gro Horticulture
      Concept Greenhouse & Garden Link4 Sun-Fire Nurseries/Sun Parasol
      Concept Plant Local Grown Plants Sungchang Industry
      Concept Plastics, Ltd. Local Plant Source, Inc. Sunlight Supply
      Conley's Greenhouse MFR Lock Drives Sunmaster
      Container Slik Logitec Plus BV Sunparlour Growers Supply
      Continental Products Loma Vista Nursery Sunrise Marketing
      Control Dekk Looije Agro Technics Sunshine Horticulture LLC
      Cool-Space LS Training System Sunterra Horticulture
      Cornell Univ - Hort Research & Extension Lucchini ldromeccanica Super Moss
      Country Folks Grower Ludvig Svensson, Inc. SUPERthrive (Vitamin Institute)
      CowPots, LLC Ludy Greenhouse Susquehanna Garden Concepts
      Cravo Equipment Luiten Greenhouse Tech Sustane Natural Fertilizer
      Creek Hill Nursery LumiGrow Swift Greenhouses
      Crescent Garden Lumite  Syngenta
      Crop Defenders Lynx Associates Syngenta Crop Protection
      Crop Tunnels USA M&M Wintergreens Syngenta Flowers Home & Garden
      CropKing Mabre Air Systems Taizhou Shengerda Plastic
      CTI Plastic Machinerie SB  Tankard Nurseries
      Cultivaris North America Macore Label Co. Target Specialty Products
      Cutting Edge Grower Madison Shore Growers TAVA Systems
      da Vinci Decorated Pots (Airlite Plastics) Magnation Water Technologies TDI Brands
      Daedong Inc MagniMoist (ThinkMint) Temkin International, Inc.
      Dain Industry Magnolia Gardens Nursery Tennessee Valley Nursery
      Dallas Arboretum Mains Importing Teraplast Spa
      Damatex, Inc. Maple Ridge Supply Terra Nova Nurseries
      Danish Greenhouse Supply Marchioro USA Terra Products Inc.
      Danziger Dan Flower Farm Mardenkro North America Tesselaar Plants (Anthony)
      Darwin Perennials Maril Products (PHYSAN 20™) Texas A&M AgriLife Research
      Davis Floral Company Mariner Business Solutions Texas Nursery & Landscape Assoc
      DCN Plastics Massaging Insoles (BestSole) Texpak, Inc.
      Decagon Devices Mast Young Plants Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss
      DeCloet Greenhouse Mfg. Master Nursery Garden Ctrs Therm-0-Rock East
      DecoWraps Masterblend Int'l Thermo Energy Systems
      Deerbusters Fence Masterpak Theut's Flower Barn
      Deforche Construct MasterTag Thomas Research Products
      Dekra-Lite 4 Mathers Environmental Science Tidwell Nurseries, Inc.
      Delta T Solutions MAYER (Potting Machines/GRO-MAY) Tim Mitchell's Yule Stand
      Deltexscreen McCabe's Greenhouse & Floral   Tim Schinke Horticulture
      DEMA Engineering Company McConkey Co. Timbuk Farms
      Deroose Plants, Inc. McHutchison TO Plastics
      Design Works Megaphoton Topfield Pioneer Trading
      Detroit Radiant Products Meister Media Topiary Creations Inc
      DeVroomen Garden Products Melissa & Doug Total Energy Group
      Dewar Nurseires, Inc. TotalGrow (Venntis Technologies)
      DeWitt Co., Inc. Merchney Greenhouses Towa Corporation
      DGI Propagators (Duwayne’s Greenhouse) MESSE ESSEN GmbH Townley & Associates, Inc.
      DHM Innovation Metallo USA Tradewind Connection
      Direct Solutions (Agrium Advanced) Michell's Transcend Lighting
      Diversified Imports Michigan Evergreen Nursery Tree Root Products
      Donahues Greenhouse Michigan Grower (SURE) TreeHugger
      Donna Shepard Michigan Peat Company Tri State Foliage
      Dool International BV Micro Cool Fog Systems Truckstops (Mapmechanics)
      Dosatron International Micro Farms TrueLeaf Technologies
      Dow AgroSciences Micro Grow Greenhouse Trunk Mat Co. (The)
      Dramm Corporation Micro Macro International TTA USA
      Dripping Springs OLLAS Microsoft Dynamics Tusco Products
      DS Cole Growers Midas Nursery Solutions TVI Imports, LLC
      Dummen Orange Mid-Florida REC Tweet Tweet Home
      Durable Superior Caster Midwest Trading Tyne Moulds and Machinery
      Dutch Suppliers Group Midwest Tropicals UF - Environmental Horticulture
      Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions Mid-West Wire (Rivet Rack) United Greenhouse Systems
      Dysun International Midwest Wire Works United Label & Sales
      Eason Horticultural Resources Mikskaar AS Univ of Florida - SNRE
      East Jordan Plastics Millcreek Gardens LLC Univ of Georgia
      Eastern Shore Nursery of VA Millstadt Young Plants  Univ of Kentucky -- Entomology 
      Eaton Farms Minigarden US Citrus (Super Citrus)
      Eckert's Greenhouse MJ Direction US Global Resources
      ElektravonHaket MJ-Tech BV Fogsystems USDA,  (NASS)
      Elfferich Commodities bv ML Irrigation Systems, Inc USDA/ARS
      Ellis Products Inc.- Mitchell Modiform B.V. USDA-ARS Application Technology
      Elsner pac Vertriebsg Modine Manufacturing Vaighai World Wide
      Emerald Coast Growers Mojo Soil Van Belle Nursery Inc.
      EMS (Environmental MFR Solutions) Monrovia Van Bloem Gardens
      Engage Agro USA Monsanto BioAg Van der Knaap Group
      Enovative Technologies Montgomery County -- Envir Protection Van Iperen International bv
      Enterprise Marking Products Morel Diffusion SAS Van Krimpen B.V.
      Envelor, Inc. Morningstar Grower Van Wingerden Int'l
      Envirotech Cultivation MPS Group Vandenberg Bulb Company
      Epicor Software Corporation MSU - Michigan State Dept of Horticulture Vaughan's Horticulture
      ePlantSource Mulch Manufacturing VB Group (Verbakel-Bomkas)
      ErfGoed BV Mulhall's Nursery Venlo AP Holland Group
      Ernst Benary of America Mulsaem Irrigation Resources Very Cool Stuff
      Essen Trade Shows Multi Packaging (John Henry) Vestaron
      ET Grow Mycorrhizal Applications Vickerman Company
      Euro Quarries Napco Vifra Srl
      EuroAmerican (Proven Winners) National Nursery Products (Bohn's Farm) Vineland Research & Innovation
      Evarts Tremaine National Plant Board Virginia Tech Experiment Station
      Even Temp Biomass Natorp's Wholesale Nursery Vis Seed Company
      EVENTSIGNS.BIZ Natural Beauty Visser NA.
      Everris Nature Safe (Natural & Organic Fertilizers) Vista Farms SE
      Evonik Industries Nature's Source Vista IT Systems, Inc.
      Excalibur Plastics NC Farms Vitro Plus
      Express Seed NC Nursery & Landscape Assoc Vivero Internacional
      Expressions Floral Design Studio Neptune's Harvest Vostermans Ventilation
      Extreme Technology Corp Netafim USA VRE Systems
      EZ Racks Netherland Bulb Company Wadsworth Control Systems
      Fabrique Innovations New Christie Ventures Wagner Greenhouses, Inc.
      Fabworks (Decker) Newlux Horticultural Lighting Waldo & Associates, Inc.
      Faery Plant Kingdom Newtarps & SNY Walters Gardens
      Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Nexus Greenhouse Corp. Warp Brothers
      Farmsko Co Niagrow Systems Water Pulse
      Featherock  Normist Waterworks America
      Felco/Pygar USA North Carolina Farms Waypoint Analytical
      Fertil USA North Creek Nurseries, Inc. Weeks Roses
      Fiberlane (TGU) Northland Floral WEISHAUPT 
      Fibre Dust LLC Northwest Horticulture/Etera Welby Gardens (Hardy Boy Plants)
      Filtrexx International Novavert GmbH Wellmark (Central Life Sciences)
      Fine Americas Novelty  Wellmaster Carts
      Firstconcept Inc Novozymes BioAg Welthink Electronic America
      Fisher Farms, LLC Nufarm Americas Wenke Greenhouses
      Flamingo Holland NUOVA PASQUINI E BINI Spa Wesley International
      Fleurizon Nursery Business Consultants Western Overseas Corp.
      Flip Flop Flowerpot NurserySource Western Pulp Products
      Flopak OASIS® Grower Solutions Westflowers (Westhoff) 
      Floral Plant Growers Oglesby Plants International Westgate Products
      Floranova Ohio Mulch Supply, Inc. WestHort (Western Tag & Label)
      Florasearch, Inc. Ohio Nursery & Landscape Assoc. Westland Greenhouse Equip.
      Florida Nursery, Growers, & Landscape Ohio State Univ - Environmental Sciences White Oak Gardens 
      Florist Holland BV Ohio State University (Horticulture) White’s Nursery & Greenhouses
      Flowers Canada Growers Ohio State University ATI Wholesale Fairy Gardens
      FlowVision, LLC OHP, Inc Wickcraft Company
      Fluence Bioengineering Old Town Fiberglass Willoway Nurseries, Inc.
      Fly-Trap Farm /Sinbad Crafts Oldcastle Lawn & Garden Willowbend Nurseries, LLC
      FMC Professional Solutions Omicsis Wilson's Country Creations
      Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse Omni Growing Solutions Winandy Greenhouse
      Fogco Systems One Floral Group Winchester Gardens
      Foliage Design Systems OPCOM Link USA Winfield Solutions
      Forcefield Optimara /Hermann Holtkamp WLS Lighting Systems
      ForemostCo, Inc. Oregon Assoc of Nurseries Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas
      FormFlex Horticultural Systems (Metazet) Oregon Perennial Company Woodlawns Landscape
      Franklin Park Conservatory Organic Plant Magic WoodMaster (Northwest MFG)
      Fred C. Gloeckner & Company Orlandelli Group LLC Woolly Pocket
      Freedom Tree Farms Ornamental Plant Germplasm WPS
      Freight Farms Osram Yoders Produce
      Full Spectrum Technologies Group Otoké Horticulture Yuk-il Co
      Gaim Engineering  Otto Trading (Irestmassager) Yunustech Inc
      Gakon Horticultural Projects Overland Carts Zabo Plant
      Gallina USA Oxygen Research Group Zantingh BV
      Garden Center Marketing Pace 49 Zenport Industries
      Garden Design Magazine Pacific Plug & Liner Zhejiang Leipeide Technology
      Garden Marketing Group Pack Manufacturing Zwart Systems
      Garden Stamp, The PAK Global  
      Garden Things  Palm Tree Packaging, Inc.