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BWI Buylines - Spring/Fall Catalogs (2022, 2021)
BWI Companies, Inc.'s biannual Buylines is mailed to over 4,000 BWI customers. Buylines is colorfully informative and provides expert advice on many topics to aid the reader in conducting day to day business, improving sales, managing resources, and much much more. The reader will also find marketing tools with innovative ideas to boost profits. The fall issue, released in August each year, is our EXPO issue focusing on vendors and products featured at our EXPO.


BWI Product Catalogs
BWI offera you the largest selection of lawn and garden, pest management, grower, turf, landscape, and agriculture supplies in your area. The following product catalogs are available: Lawn & Garden Supplies -- Professional Grower Supplies -- Professional Turf & Landscape Supplies -- Professional Pest Management Solutions -- Grower Technical Sales

BWI Lawn & Garden Supplies Catalog
Our industry leading inventories includes small pack chemicals and fertilizers, vegetable, lawn and pasture seed, grower supplies, water gardening, landscaping supplies, soils, livestock supplies, among many others.
  • Lawn & Garden Care -- Insect, Disease & Weed Control, Fertilizer, Plant Foods
  • Animal & Pest Management -- Repellents & Controls, Insect Repellents, Traps
  • Soils & Amendments -- Lime, Limestone, Moss/Stone, Soils/Amendments
  • Gardening Supplies -- Plant Supports, Testers & Meters, Fencing & Edging
  • Pots & Planters -- Planters, Pots, Saucers, Trays & Caddies
  • Tools & Equipment -- Full Size Tools, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools
  • Watering Supplies -- Hoses, Sprinklers, Drip Irrigation

BWI Professional Turf & Landscape Catalog
BWI is an expanding, reliable and competitive distributor. Our 14 regional locations provide a dependable source of supply for dealers, growers and turf managers.
  • Applicators -- Sprayers & Spreaders
  • Problem Solvers -- Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides
  • Water Gardening -- Aquatic Herbicides & Pond Management
  • Tools, Equipment, Watering Supplies, Adjuvants & Markers
  • Seeds, Fertilizers, Soil Amendments, Plant Growth Regulators
  • Vegetation Management & Bare Ground Control
  • Apparel (Footwear & Gloves), Landscape Supplies
  • BWI Services; Charts, Guides, & Calculations

BWI Professional Pest Management Solutions Catalog
With the full support of our Vendor partners and the commitment to serve, BWI stands ready to be a full line supplier to the Professional Pest Management customer.
  • Termiticides -- Liquids, Granules, Foams, Bait Stations
  • Insecticides -- Growth Regulators, Dust, Aerosols, Liquids
  • Insects, Fly Control -- Lights & Accessories, Baits& Traps
  • Applicators -- Foggers, Sprayers, Spreraders, Parts & Tools
  • Animal Control -- Baits, Traps, Bait Stations
  • Cleaners & Disinfectants, Equipment, Bed Bug Protections

BWI Professional Grower Supplies Catalog
We are proud to offer the largest selection of lawn and garden,grower, turf, landscape and agriculture supplies in 14 locations across the Mid-South and Southeastern United States.
  • Fertilizers -- Rooting Hormones, Slow Release, Water Soluble
  • Greenhouse Supplies -- Film, Controls, Coverings, Shadings
  • Growing Supplies -- Containers, Applicators, Adjuvants, Markers
  • Problem Solvers -- Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Algaecides
  • Growing Media, Soil Amendments, Plant Growth Regulators
  • Irrigation & Water Supplies; Tools, Meters, Charts
  • Apparel -- Boots, Gloves, Safety Equipment

BWI Grower Technical Sales Catalog
The BWI Sales team is made up of trained specialists who work with our customers in the planning and purchasing of custom greenhouse projects, irrigation design, automation and equipment.
  • New Construction
  • Irrigation Design
  • Automation & Equipment