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A&B Packing Equipment

AAB International

Acadian Plant Health

ALink Computer Solutions

Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd

Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility B.V.

Bradford Greenhouses

Cedar Island LED & Grow Systems Inc.

Cee Green

Colonial Florists

DeRuiter Seeds

Dubois Agrinovation

Durward Jones Barkwell & Co

Dutch Lighting Innovations

Eastern Caribbean Liaison Service



Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)

Enza Zaden Canada

EPS Ab Energy Canada

Fairgreen Agri

Gabcor Inc.

GlocalFert Inc.

Grant Thornton

Greenhouse Depot

Grow Zorb Technologies

Gryphon Automation

Hamill Agriculture Processing Solutions.

Heartnut Grove

HerkuPlast International

Hortus Supplies International B.V.

Hydrotek Hydroponics


Intuitive Water Systems

JV Energy Solutions



Marsh Canada

Martin Energy Group Services

Maxstim Products Ltd.


Nebula Controls

NM Bartlett

Northern Dock Systems Inc.

Nunhems Netherlands BV

Nurture Growth Bio Fertilizer

Ontario Agriculture College

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Ontario Ministry of Ag, Food

Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Assoc.

Pacific Grading Service

Proax Technologies

ProMinent Fluid Controls

Realty Executives On The Bay Brokerage

RedTrac International (D&W Group)

Ridder HortiMax Canada

Ryder Material Handling

RZH Canada

SABIC Functional Forms

Saint-Gobain Cultilene

San Eco Tec

Sinclair Systems International

Sobkowich Greenhouses

Sodrox Chemicals

Sun Parlour Grower Supply

Sundara Energy

Sylar Technologies

Taks Handling Systems



Yale Industrial Trucks

Yuksel Seeds

Zortech LED Canada