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Delivering living vertical gardens to sustainably-minded companies & individuals.  
Sage Vertical Garden Systems is a Chicago based company that designs, markets and sells vertical garden systems. Sage distinguishes itself globally by offering unique forms of vertical garden structures utilizing a patent pending soil-less growing medium. Invented by U.K- based Biotecture, Ltd, the system’s thin walled Biotiles® can be arranged or rearranged in any design matrix at any time, offering unlimited creativity in a vertical, high visibility format.

The core technology of the Biotile® facilitates an ideal platform for internal or external installations. Our team of experienced horticulturists incorporates vertically cultivated, hand selected plants to meet each environmental condition. Significant testing and research is an ongoing process as hunderds of plant species are evaluated in varying conditions. With dozens of installations worldwide, Sage Vertical Garden Systems is commercially proven to provide lasting beauty and environmentally efficient alternatives to any home, commercial office building, airport, shopping center, hotel, extended care facility, healthcare facility and major urban thoroughfare.

Address:     730 West Randolph St, Suite 300 Chicago, IL 60661
Email:    information@sageall.com     Contact:   Scott Mehaffey
Phone:    312-234-9655   FAX: